You know you’ve become stronger when you finally learned to accept that you cannot undo the past. That whatever happened has its own purpose and reason. That you finally learned to take a step forward and file the pain that the past had caused you inside your mental filing cabinet tagged as “Lessons Learned.” You know you’ve become so much better when bitterness has left your heart and you stopped blaming yourself for the outcome that has become the past. You know you’ve finally freed yourself from the chains that have locked you when you can now look at a scenery and smile because you know good things happen too, even to people like you. You know you’ve finally moved on when you are happy with all the little and big things that has come your way. When you can finally look back and feel no aversion towards what had happened. When you can finally look in the eyes of the person who had hurt you and realize that you don’t want him/her or any of that person’s shit back. You’re happy you’ve been blessed to have those cherished memories but you do not wish to keep things the way they used to be. You know you’re a changed person when you’ve forgiven the person who had caused you pain and yourself for being so stupid. You know you’re finally done with the past when you can finally walk into another person’s life full of renewed hope that this time, things might get better. That this time this person might be worth another try.